Our philosophy as architects and builders is to provide architecture that is not only environmentally responsible, but beautiful and creatively executed as well. Wright Street Design has been practicing sustainable, smart design for years - incorporating durable honest, renewable materials, 'not so big house' ideas, thoughtful allocation of space, energy conservation and healthy indoor quality.

Sustainability has many components. It has environmental, social, economic and energy facets. We bring this recognition to every one of our projects. Just as sustainability has many dimensions, how one goes about achieving sustainability has many solutions. What's right for one project is not automatically right for the next. We take a holistic approach evaluating each projects unique characteristics in realation to site, wind, sun, water, energy, material and air quality.

Recognizing that the energy to maintain a building has the largest impact on our environment we work with independent consultants who are trained in methods and technologies of building envelope design that is more energy efficient. Combined with our knowledge of materials, site sustainability, and healthy indoor air quality, Wright Street creates holistic environments that are healthy for their inhabitants and for the environment.


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